As expected, my dear husband sat me down and taught me to build a fire in the wood burner.

I couldn’t sleep early this morning so I figured it’s as good a time as any to practice my fire-starting skills.

First layer: bunched-up newspaper. 

Second layer: little sticks.

Third layer: bigger sticks. 

(Those are the technical terms, I assure you.)

I threw a log on top because, well, I’m impatient… and cold… and over-confident.

Light the paper with a match.

Then make some tea.

Uh, wait…

That wasn’t part of my official training. 

At this point the fire needs careful watching. Adding paper and leaves and twigs until some of the bigger pieces begin to burn. I learned how and when to blow some air on the embers to revive the flames when things get low. And when to add the bigger logs on top.

Having hot tea by my side helps, though, just for the record.

And lookie! I made a fire! 

This winter, I’ll be one of those girls that smells like smoke and burning wood instead of Chanel No. 5. 


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