I thought I would not be ready to show much of our new farmhouse until I was able to at least do some painting. What a blessing to see many rooms come together just the way they sit. Especially since we put a lot of time, resources, and energy into unexpected needs.

Yes, I’m constantly analyzing the light in each room and studying what color would feel right in the space; all of the trim needs a fresh coat of my favorite creamy white paint; the floors upstairs need refinished; the doors need stripped and re-stained; the steps sport a strange mustard yellow paint; and several rooms are clad in 80’s wall paper. Every room has a wishlist and projects I can’t wait to tackle. And we may remove the lath and plaster yet. Oh, I forgot that green indoor/outdoor carpet on the back porch.

Even still, I’m pleased that our home is lovely enough for now. It’s home–bright, clean, somewhat organized, plenty big enough, and welcoming. I can rest in that, knowing there will be time enough later for each item on our agenda.

So, for now, here’s a bit of our dining room…. 


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