Not all surprises are good. And we’ve had several surprises this last month with the house… 
  • The water shut off is broken on the upstairs toilet. (Ask me how I know.) 
  • It’s difficult to cook meals for a family with a broken oven and no microwave. 
  • The doors to the cellar steps leak when it rains. 
  • The mineral content of the water table can change with the blink of an eye.

We knew there would be unknowns. You can’t be faint of heart if you want to live in an old farm house. You also can’t be impatient.

Still, not all surprises are bad either.
  • In the morning I can see the chipmunks play on the tree branches outside my bedroom window. 
  • I’m in love with my tiny kitchen. 
  • A modern family of six can live without a microwave.
  • The porch is going to make a great work space for painting and refinishing furniture.
  • The dining room table is perfect for playing euchre with some of my favorite people (I kinda already suspected that, though).
  • The gift of a new oven!

A nice little surprise was finding space for this…

I originally bought this buffet table to restyle and sell. What a nice surprise to find an empty corner in the dining room after the furniture was placed and the boxes cleared out! And even better was finding I had room for a nature table again! I kinda thought I’d like it painted, but I’m loving it just the way it is right now. It balances out my cherry hutch I thought I wouldn’t like in this house. Another pleasant surprise.
You know all those little bits and twigs the kids bring in from the field and the woods and the park and the lake? Feathers and robin eggs and shells and nuts and seed pods and dandelions?

The buffet and a few serving dishes turn them into an ever growing and always changing display. One that the kids can touch and remember and marvel at God’s handiwork over and over again.

No matter the surprises, it reminds me that God is sovereign and good and He takes the unknown, and the unattractive, and the unlikely and turns them into something beautiful and useful and pleasing to Him. I pray He does the same to this old farmhouse. And the people that live in it!


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