What you don’t see behind those glossy pages of Country Living magazine–and what a city girl doesn’t already know–lies hidden behind the walls, under ground, and in the rafters of those gorgeous houses. 

Our 1850’s house has a stone foundation. Somewhere down the line a farmer saw fit to add something that resembles a cement floor. I’m thankful. 


There is this drain with no cap or piping. Little creatures live inside of it. Will I forget the day my eight-year-old comes up stairs to announce, “Mom, there are TWO lizards in the basement”? I may not.

That’s not really the worst of it. 

The upper attic had bats. 

The previous owner had the area treated, cleaned and sealed. We’re good, so to speak, until one evening I see bats leaving the roof line where the trim meets the peak. I call. They come. The escape hatch is sealed. They do a really good job. I think we’re good. Until that night I’m tucked in bed and a bat begins circling the room. 

And then the next night, four bats. 

And the following night, one more.

I call. They come back. A one-way door installed. 

I count the bats leaving. Leaving is good!

We’ve been bat free for five nights. But I still wince and jump when a moth or fly swoops by.

I’ve never been so thankful for answered prayers! And bats make a few lizards seem like no big deal.

So here’s a little corner of solace and order (amongst the stacked boxes, crawly cellar creatures, and flying rodents)… my chandelier in the living room and a few of my favorite things stacked on my grandma’s table. It’s not the end result. Needs some paint, a few quilts, maybe an area rug. But it’s a great place to start! And it’s home. For my family. And a few unwelcome creatures, from time to time.


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