8. full basement. This seems like a silly thing to be excited about. But we’ve lived four years in a house over a dirt cellar I wouldn’t put my dogs in unless under serious and imminent threat of a house-leveling storm. So, I’m psyched about the full basement with a walk out door. Here I can refinish furniture without having a major project in the middle of our study! I can pull up the truck and load/unload the furniture directly into the basement. And, I won’t have to worry about the kids tip-toeing around a wet finish! I’ll have a space for laundry and a freezer and canned goods. And in case of storm, I’d actually not think twice about seeking safety in it.

I doubt we’d ever finish the space as living space, but maybe it could look this cute someday…

PS Click on the photo to follow the link to its original source.


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