The last few days I’ve been counting down to the possession date of our farmhouse by listing all the thing’s I’m looking forward to. I need to focus on the excitement… I’m hip-deep in boxes and in sheer panic mode right now.

11. a painted quilt on the barn

The land on which our farmhouse sits hasn’t been used for farming for several years and is a bit overgrown. The hay field either needs mowed and baled or two very ambitious cows. The trees are overgrown with brush and a bit of poison something or other at the bases. There is the septic work yet to be done. Several large (nearly dead) trees need to be removed. We either need to build a new barn or restore the existing.

Either way, there will be a barn. 

And on that barn, there must be a quilt! 

Something like this?

Or this?

I’m partial to the black barn, so maybe more like this?

My amazing big sis at Red Rooster Quilts and I have been pinning our inspirations. Go here and here to see more of these amazing historic barns and their quilts.

P.S. You can click on the photo of the barn to see the blogs where these barns were originally posted.


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