12. no more satellite TV. I know this sounds strange to most people. But, truth is, we’re better as a family without easy access to TV. And that means, better without satellite or cable service. When we moved to our rental farmhouse (almost 4 years ago) we had been “fasting” from TV for quite some time. We learned that for us it too easily becomes a major distraction and I get tired of regulating how much is too much. Nearly two years ago we thought we’d try it again. But really, it’s just to easy to use TV as a quick fix to boredom. I get tired of fighting the “can we watch TV” battle.

I’ve a firm believer that boredom is good for a person. We need plenty of time to think our own thoughts and sit and be bored until we think of something to do. Boredom equals inspiration. And, if necessity is the mother of invitation, than boredom must be her grandmother.

Now that we’re moving the satellite stays behind.


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