14. garden hopes and dreams. I’m looking forward to planting again. Oh, I have garden hopes and dreams, to be sure! We spent some time at the house today–much work is needed before we will be ready to plant anything. Still, I dream!

Garden: We’ve had some terrible attempts at a garden these last three years. So I can’t wait to try our hand again. This time we have a plan to put the garden by the pig run with the idea that in the off season, sometime late fall or early winter, we can run our pigs through it and they will turn and fertilize the soil for us. They can effortlessly do for us in a few short days what would take us much effort and expense to manage. 

Trees: I miss planting trees and can’t wait to plant fruit trees and maybe a red sunset maple. Definitely a peach tree or two! And hubby would like to plant a small Christmas tree farm for family and friends to come and cut their own tree for the holidays.

Flowerbeds: I’ve not taken the time or expense to cultivate flowerbeds at our rented house. I miss making the rounds each spring with my nature journal to record when all my little plants would sprout and flower.

Sunflowers: Being in the middle of farm fields, the farmers have asked us not to plant sunflowers as the birds carry off their seeds and they then become part of the crop the following year. Oh, how I long for a sunflower bed again. My daddy used to plant a row of these next to the corn. I’ll put a row there too, but hope to one day have another sunflower “forest” for the kids to play in.

Of course, what I have imagined will take many years to cultivate. We pray for a long, happy, healthy life in this house to see it through!


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