Yesterday we closed on our farmhouse! We have 15 days until we have possession. There are so many things I’m looking forward to. Let me see if I can count them down, one-by-one…

15. Having all of my animals under one roof! Currently I have chickens on one side of the yard, pigs on the other, and rabbits in the barn. It’s not an efficient way to manage the animals. We’re hoping to eventually build a new barn in the spot where the original barn once stood. Watering will be so much easier and I’ll be able to store all the feed together and weigh how much I’m giving to each  animal. Costs will be easier to track. I’ll have protection from the weather while I tend the animals. And, there is a great big pasture already planted with timothy grass and alfalfa which gives us the ability to grow our own feed! God’s abundant blessings!

We have a little visitor this weekend! Foster baby girl is visiting us for the a few days. How thankful we are that we can continue a relationship with baby and her mama! Needless to say there will not be any packing this weekend. Which is fine, really. I’ve spent most of the week roaming from room to room looking at all the boxes and stuff and wondering what to do next and where will it all go? And the kids give me a hard time cause I’ve packed so much of their stuff and they say they’re board. How about you get a box and put something in it? Actually, that’s good advice for the both of us. What will they say about the cable being disconnected next week?!


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