We’ve been waiting since mid-January on this house. It’s a very on-again-off-again proposition. We were told yesterday that we should be expecting a letter of approval from the bank. We’re still waiting. Still hopeful (I’ve packed up all my paints, brushes and waxes, for goodness sake). I’ve heard of short sales taking much longer, so I am thankful.
It makes me wonder why God makes us wait. 
I’m learning a lot about waiting. 
I think that sometimes God uses the wait to increase our desire for the item for which we wait.
He’s done that here for sure. Some of our doubts and concerns fade away as we wait and focus our eyes on Jesus. We become more sure of the path we should take. More reliant on His strength, rather than our “self-sufficiency”. More thankful for His provision. 
And the praise is magnified when His wait becomes a yes!
And oh, the day we get a closing date–you may be able to hear my shouts of joy across four time zones on that day!

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