This humble farmhouse we call home has a true-blue farmhouse laundry room. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the modern appliances and the chippy window trim framing those glorious farm field views. Does it need a new coat of paint? Yep. Flooring? Yep, needs that too.

In November I stopped putting it off and made my own laundry soap. I used this recipe for the extra hard water and iron deposits in our water. It cost me around $20 dollars and I found everything I needed at our local grocery store. I do use it in our HE front loader directly in the tray… but do your research first on your particular washer before doing the same.

I made a second batch to give as gifts. One quart mason jar will finish approximately 35 loads of laundry. 

My plan was to tie on an antique silver plated spoon with some clever saying stamped onto the bowl or handle of the spoon, but I just ran out of time. I figured a large soup spoon size would be about 1 tablespoon and perfect for measuring out the soap. I found a stash of mismatched silver at a local antique store and been looking for an excuse to get back there and dig through the bins. Next time!

I glued the standard two-piece mason jar lids together and painted them with ASCP Provence and finished with a bit of clear and dark wax.

*Update: I made the first batch of detergent in November.
It lasted a family of 6-7 approximately 6 months.


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