All of life is a season; a time for everything.  
There is a time to hang your laundry on the line, eat fresh tomatoes, and watch the leaves turn to warmer shades and the skies to clear, cool blues and greys. 
Our families run in seasons too. A time to let your parents slip into eternity before you, for newly weds to focus on the newness of marriage, and to welcome a new little one into your home.
My little hobby farm and furniture blog has its own cycle of seasons. Times when I can give it the attention I would a new born baby. And times when it has to sit on a shelf remembering when it was my favorite, like a floppy stuffed bunny wearing worn velvet and missing one eye.
But, there is redemption and renewal. Maybe even so for a fledgeling little blog like mine.

So, as we welcome a new foster baby into our life, know that we still tend our little farm. But blogging and furniture restoration will have to wait for another season when I can take it off the shelf and love it back to life.


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