There is much to be thankful for this year on our little hobby farm. God’s grace and provision never ends but continues in the rough and difficult times and the beautiful and bountiful times. In both we learn to be content and thankful.

I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year so I’ve done little fall decorating. I’m thinking Christmas already! Still, there are my usual bittersweet wreaths and garlands and a sprinkle of pumpkins, dried wheat, and my “give thanks” bunting. In the dining room I draped my humble $1.00 ladder with old feed and coffee sacks juxtaposed with my mother’s and grandmother’s crocheted doilies and topped it with my favorite bittersweet wreath.
I find our old ornate mantel a challenge to embellish–it’s generally a battle between my minimalist and lavish side. Unlike any mantel I’ve ever had, it has an upper and lower shelf, is backed by a mirror, and each side is framed by a fluted column. I just don’t know what to do with it. Here is a little corner of the lower shelf which is dripping with fall goodness this season.

I gave the porch a final fall cleaning and a little rearranging before the Christmas trees come out. I had the pleasure and joy of helping my cousin-in-law (yes, that’s a real thing) with the decorations for her barn wedding (more on that coming soon). We were neck-deep in white roses and hydrangea! The bridesmaids carried these huge purple hydrangeas, stems wrapped in burlap. They dried beautifully and I think make a nice fall accent on the porch.


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