Of all our small-animal farming, the chickens have become my favorite. They are busy, easy to care for, and even pretty. Plus I love a crowing rooster at all hours of the day (and night). And who can deny the wonders of fresh, farm eggs?

This year I set out to put together a flock that should give us eggs in every shade of brown an egg can come in. They just look so pretty lined up in an egg carton from their pale pinkish-tan to their rich browns. I only have the chocolate brown egg-layers to add. This year I added white rocks that will lay white eggs. And of course, the araucana’s lay the most beautiful egg in blue/green.

We now have pullets available in various breeds. Silver-laced wyandottes, barred rocks, white rocks, araucanas, and buff orpingtons. Hatched on May 22, 2012 they are expected to start laying this fall. $10.00 each.

Email Steve at ruthsfarmandfurniture@gmail.com for availability or more information.


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