Last week we had our first pig project work day. A thousands thanks to the family that came to help. Many hands do make light work! We cleared the pen of debris, added a layer of concrete to the floor of the pig house (to keep the water from draining into the house), and fixed the gate. Just in time for the 13 babies that arrived yesterday!
Weighing between 40 and 80 pounds, I guess they’re not really babies, but every motherless creature that comes onto my farm that remotely looks like a baby becomes one of my babies as long as they are in my care–including pigs. The black and white pigs are Hampshires and the reds are Durocs.

We got a whole mess of seeds from Annie’s Heirloom Seeds this week. This is my first year planting exclusively heirlooms and all from seed. I’m anxious to start planting but a bit nervous about the cool nights still. Despite the warm winter and spring, I’ll probably follow my Ohio rule and wait till after Mother’s Day.


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