This week we worked on the additions to our chicken house and run, which I now call the “chicken annex.” The building on the right we have used for three years. This is the perfect house to raise baby chicks. We placed our order for 50 chicks and expect them to be delivered to the post office in May. This time we choose Barred Rocks, White Rocks, Araucanas (gotta love those blue-green eggs!), Silver-laced Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons. We ordered one Araucana and one Wyandotte cockerel. We’ll let them run with the Buff Orps and our current Golden Comets and see what we get.
With the chicks coming, our current layers need a new home so we added the two small buildings on the left and gave them a separate run. I plan to add a rooster to these layers and see if they’ll brood for me. Plus, I feel so lonely without the crowing of a rooster at all hours of the day, night and morning!
This little building has three nest boxes with a door to gather eggs on the other side. My hubby loves me and he knows I love to see the chickens walk up a  ramp into the coop. He made sure to include this feature in the new house.
We made these two little buildings from materials we had on hand. This house was a box we originally made with old barn siding to hold fire wood.
To modify the box for the chickens we cut out the door, added the roof using tin from the cellar, a hinged door, and the dividers inside for the nest boxes. We also put it on 4x4s and added the ramp. Plus the white trim to make it pretty.
This shelter used to be a cover for my daughter’s rabbit. We removed the rabbit cage and replaced the roof with more of the tin. We give our layers artificial light to keep them laying all year. The light will be clamped to the roof of the building and placed on a timer to ensure they get 15 hours of light a day.
We intended the electric fence to keep the chickens in the run, but they go over and under the wire without a care. Seems feathers make good insulators from electric fences. Now they’re free range chickens. The light keeps them coming back at night, inside the safety of the electric fence and the nest boxes. Only this questions remains: if the fence will not keep the chickens in, will it keep predators out?
Dear hubby moving the hens from the coop to the new run. We currently have eggs available for sale for local pick up. We may add a service in the fall to deliver eggs to local housing developments, so watch for that soon. Email me for information or to get on our waiting list for delivery to Mill Valley (including North and Woods of) and Green Pastures.




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