This year we have offered families participating in our pork co-op to come and work alongside us in caring for the pigs and preparing/maintaining the pen and pig house. It’s a chance for families without the ability or desire to raise their own meat to take advantage of learning about the process in a very hands-on way, but without the commitment.
We expect our pigs to arrive the end of April. So, our first work day for the pigs is scheduled for April 14th, from 9-noon. We will not complete all our items, but on our wish list of things needing attention before the pigs arrive:
  • Poor concrete flooring into the floor of the pig house
  • Repair and paint the pig house
  • Clean out and prepare the pen
  • Repair and place the waterer
  • Fix the gate
  • Build a shelter for shade
  • Build a feeder

We have tentatively planned additional work days for May 19, June 9, July 7 to help feed and water the pigs and clean out the pen. Fun times!


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