It’s been a slow week on our small hobby farm so we took the time to make garden plans and baby step into the work of spring. We have four work days scheduled next week to organize the barn, prep the garden, setup a second chicken run with shelter and nesting boxes, build a rooster house, clean and repair the chicken coop, and paint and re-roof the rabbit hutches. I can’t wait to have a rooster again… I miss the crowing!
I brought out my garden/nature journal and started back into my calendar of firsts–it’s laid fallow since 2009. This year I added 12 pages in the back of the journal set aside especially to record all the year’s firsts.
Here are some of our “firsts” and what we did this week on the farm:
  • We added two rabbits to our menagerie (look for babies to be available soon!)
  • We moved the rabbit hutches to a better location and made notes on needed repairs
  • I closed the windows and turned the heat back on
  • We adopted a new barn cat and she’s transitioning in the barn
  • I circled all the lovely plants in my Annie’s Heirloom Seed Catalog that I’d like to grow this year
  • I googled companion gardening and got totally overwhelmed so I decided to start with marigolds, zinnias, white geraniums and nasturtium planted within my vegetable garden
  • Took inventory of the pig orders and made a list of tasks to complete before the babies arrive

Calendar of Firsts:

  • Buds appear on the lilacs 3/12 
  • Pulled the first weeds 3/19
  • Forcenthia in full bloom 3/21
  • A pair of Killdeer spent the week on our drive, scouting out a nesting location 3/19
  • Started the mower and did our first cutting 3/30
  • The first apple tree blossomed on 3/29
  • A robin started a nest in the lilac bush 3/27


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