A collection of vintage chairs, my mom’s hand crocheted doilies, grandpa’s farm table, laundry on the line, a breezy porch, a perfect blue sky…. welcome spring!

I adore vintage chairs, especially if they are mismatched. They’ve been amassing themselves on the porch (OK, so they had a little help getting there). So, Lord willing, I plan to offer a series of vintage chair re-styles, starting with this simple farm chair in old white. Annie Sloan’s old white is the perfect shade of creamy white, soft and without a hint of yellow, pink or blue. Just creamy, easy, perfect white.

I chose to keep this chair simple and lightly distressed and buffed the edges to give it an amiable, undemanding, sit-and-stay-awhile look.

Painted in Anne Sloan’s old white, lightly distressed and buffed.
Solid with all the original rungs firmly in place.
No longer available

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