One of my littles brought me the first wild flowers of the season. Ok, to some maybe they’re weeds, but we call them flowers. These are so tiny we had a hard time finding an acceptable tiny little vase for them. And then I remembered those mismatched salt shakers I found at the church rummage sale for $.25 each. I wondered what I was going to do with those. Perfect.
So is this it? Is spring here? My oldest couldn’t help picking out the first seed packets when she went to the hardware store with her Dad. Marigolds (Dad always planted a row of marigolds in the garden), forget-me-nots, and morning glories. Now I know it’s too early for these. But it’s never to early to dream.
And speaking of dreams, dear husband made the season’s first sketch on his graph paper. I know when the graph paper comes out something new is brewing. This time, a second chicken run and brooder coop. Our goal this year is to sell our current layers, raise some meat birds to stock the freezer, and to raise point-of-lay hens to sell in the spring. 
He also bought another Storey’s Guide. I know when the old man buys a “Storey’s Guide to Raising _________ ” (fill in the blank with the farm animal of your choice) than the odds are more than likely that that animal is coming round the bend real soon. We don’t have the space for this animal just yet. But it’s never to early to dream, right?
This week on our small, hobby farm we:
  • fixed the screen door
  • drew plans and made a supply list for a new chicken run/coop
  • finished the trim and painting in the bathroom
  • re-hung the barn door (which blew in after heavy winds a few weeks back)
  • replaced the junction box (that apparently used to be a mouse hotel) and wiring in the barn and replaced the light bulbs way up high on those old rafters–imagine, light at the flip of a switch!
  • repaired the broken panel on the barn roof
  • got the stomach flu and subsequently made the entire family miss this
  • hung the laundry on the clothes line
  • slept with the windows open
  • dreamed of adding honey bees to the menagerie 

It wasn’t at all what we planned, but it is what the good Lord gave us and all in all, it was a good week.


2 thoughts on “the season’s first and this week on the farm

  1. Love hearing about your week. I took a deep sigh in as I read. Love it! Shan has the same issue with graph paper! 🙂 We have to finish the inside of our house before the chickens and goats come to stay! All in good time. Love the new shelf! Buttons is a brilliant trim and I love antique buttons! Early spring is my new favorite season!


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