While I fight off the last cold of the season (spring is coming, right?), I take the chance to curl up on the davenport (that’s what grandma called her turquoise hide-a-bed–yes, that’s right–turquoise) and catch up on some reading. 
My TBR pile is always more than I’ll ever get to so I set priorities. 
First up….
I’ll be looking over all those fittings and fixtures at the hardware store a little more closely next time!
And next….
I like how Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer take junk and make beautifully designed rooms to satisfy multiply design preferences and styles. There is something for everyone in this book! There is also much to learn too, so don’t just look at the pics (cause I hear some people do that).
Then finally…
It was the stove on the cover of this book that inspired the color choices for my  anything/everything table redo! Just gotta appreciate Randy Florke’s no-fuss, down-to-earth, real-life farmhouse style (cause that’s a real style, I didn’t just make it up).

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