Here’s the deal. I’m going to show you my bad paint choices. But after today, we speak of this to no one.

This is what the bathroom looked like when we rented the house. I would not step foot into the space until my hubby removed the vanity and painted every square inch of it.

(I think it’s funny that I put a watermark on this photo. Don’t anyone pin this.)
This is how the bathroom looked after our initial makeover so it was move in ready. Clean. Not creepy. I’m a simple girl and I was happy!
After three years it needed some love. We only have one bathroom, a hobby farm, and a 6-year-old boy. Need I say more?

So, I had the idea that I would save some money and use the leftover paint in the cellar room (that turquoise room at the top of the cellar steps that holds all that used to be in our two-car suburban garage). It sounded something like this…

Remember that blue I painted the porch ceiling? It’s so pretty out there. Robin’s egg blue on a sunny day. Magnificent. We’ll use that to paint the ceiling in the bathroom.

And all that leftover paint–beige from the study, two gallons of antique white from some unknown mystery project long forgotten, the lefter over porch ceiling blue, and the army green from the boy’s room–let’s mix that together. Should make some form of grey/beige. 
Not so much. 
It makes wedding mint green. See…

Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time? I don’t mean alternately, laugh some, cry some. I mean literally at the same time. I have.
And then my hubby sent me to Ace to get some actual “greige” while he painted the ceiling white.
Now, without further delay (really, this has been built up too much), the final color… 

And my 1930’s highboy in Annie Sloan’s duck egg blue, drawers lined with pages from an old hymnal. Seriously, it’s all about the dresser.

The dresser is available for sale here.

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11 thoughts on “progression of a farmhouse bathroom or bad paint choices revealed

  1. I love how this project started out using what you had on hand … and it totally rocks with the new color and your decorating. The dresser … be still my heart, I say. You have a really great bathroom now. (I can't see any of your before pics because they don't show up. I'm satisfied with the afters, 'cause they're really good.)



  2. I love how you lined the drawers with music sheets. It must have taken forever to do that. It looks like you have the original drawer pulls, which make the chest all the more beautiful. Honestly, how did you do the drawer lining?


  3. That dresser is beautiful! I'm glad the room ended up being neutral so the dresser could shine. I completely related with you in your telling of the story–our bathroom was horrible when we moved in, there is only one and we had to use it! It got a complete overhaul and it's so much better now! Thanks for sharing your story.


  4. I have indeed laughed and cryed at the same time…sorry your mint paint drove you to it! Water under the bridge, your bathroom looks fabulous now! And your duck egg blue dresser could be a twin to one I finished and sold over a year ago. If you visit search for my “Just Ducky” post and you'll see it. I love your duck egg dresser!


  5. I've picked out some pretty different paint colors and tried mixing my own too! Sometimes it comes out okay but then there is no way to copy it! Your bathroom came out great and the dresser is adorable! What a sweet idea to line the drawers with pages like that. The chalk paint finish is wonderful- you did a great job!


  6. Your bathroom transformation is really awesome. From your wall paint color to bathroom tiles, they all blend well together. What made the space even better are the accessories you've used. That vintage-like cabinet is very lovely. Good taste!


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