The water issue is resolved! Turns out we were given the wrong kind of filter for the water softener which we kept replacing with, you got it, the wrong kind of filter. 
The sediment in the water clogged said filter to the point that only a trickle would pass through. 
The “well guy” that came to help us out had water flowing within five minutes of arriving. Gotta love a guy who knows what he’s doing! So, water restored! Dishes washed! Life is good!
A girl can’t always get everything right. And thankfully, this girl has a gracious and understanding husband. 
He so lovingly offered to paint our hardworking, farmhouse bathroom and I made some B.A.D. paint choices. If it were up to him, he would have left it, cause, he just doesn’t care as much as I do and he loves a good laugh. 
But he knows me, and knows how important it is that my surroundings are pleasing to the eye (at least my eye). He knows I would have been devastated. Seriously, this was awful! So he painted the bathroom, once… and then once more. 
I tried to experiment with the leftover paint we already had. I’ll post the before, before and after pics later this week. Maybe I can spare you the same mistake I made.
Sunday we got to spend the day with my dear husband’s extended family to celebrate his grandmother’s 90th birthday. She is one of our precious Ruth’s and she is amazing. This woman, at 90, is still driving, living in her farmhouse, and running the county’s food pantry (and yes, she sent us home with a bag of bread with which I’ll make french toast with this morning–nobody goes hungry when Grandma Ruth is around). I am enamored by her stories of fostering 200 babies, raising 7 children, running a farm, and starting the county’s food pantry.


Through that doorway is a peek into my bathroom–a before, before pic and the 1930’s highboy dresser I’m working on today. I found this on the curb in town, for free, and  made the kids help me squeeze it into middle row of the minivan the kids selflessly offered to help me load it into the van. 

They think I’m nuts and I’m OK with that!


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