I want to work on this today… I stripped the top and am ready to stain it, and I have a new color I’m dying to try. This dressing table used to be orange… and blue… and white. It’s about to get a new life!

But instead I’ll be washing dishes the old, old fashioned way: without running water. 
The well pump is dying and we have the tiniest trickle of water… and a sink and dishwasher and counter full of dirty dishes. (I will NOT be sharing a picture of my kitchen right now!) Why did we keep using the dishes the last two days while they’ve been working on the problem? Wishful thinking, I guess.
I have some spare water stored that I can boil to make it hot. Who wants to hand wash in cold water? Now, how does one make soap bubbles without running water? Maybe I’ll google it. That’s what our forefathers would have done.
Ah, farmhouse joys.


2 thoughts on “wells, dishes and furniture

  1. I have this very same exact dressing table!! Down to the very same handles!! I had to replace the top ones tho, and I used glass ball type handles. I did mine in a mixture of annie sloan pure white and duck egg I think. My top was in very poor shape, and not very stainable. Can't wait to see what you do with this one. I may re-do mine again at some point because it still hasn't sold.


  2. Analisa you are inspiring me to do my great grandmothers writing desk. It needs stripped, scratches and such filled in, and stained. Its going to be a summer project. Any good books you would recommend or websites that are real good in showing how to do such things? I cannot wait to do mine. Love this table by the way cannot wait to see it when you down.


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