My faction of frames found a home above the TV and it’s chippy base cabinet. I left plenty of space to add to the collection as the opportunity presents itself. My only complaint, they are a little too far away to really look at the photos so they may eventually find a new location–if I can figure something else to do with the awkward space above that TV.

The cabinet is a key piece in our farm house storage (or lack thereof). It holds the components, DVDs, games and classic toys like the wooden dolls that line the base of the TV (and the Fisher Price record player that was mine when I was a kid–can you believe Fisher-Price remade those and had the audacity to call them “classic”? I’ll keep my 1971 original and try not to feel old, thank you very much.)

The kids brought the dolls home from Grandma’s. We gave them new clothes from fabric scraps. They look pleased with themselves, don’t you think? I can’t decide if they remind me of soldiers waiting to be called into action or a line-up of the usual suspects. I think one of them could be hiding something.


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