Take the mystery and miles out of your meat! We are taking orders for our spring co-op until March 1, 2011. These pigs will be raised on our small, family-run farm in a safe and healthy environment. They will be professionally processed locally. We also offer work days for you and your children to participate in the care and raising of the pigs, if you so desire. Read all the nitty gritty details below. 
We also have opportunities to purchase pigs to raise on your property. Please contact us for more information.

Fees include:     

·         Purchase of the pig
·         Feed and all associated raising cost
·         Periodic updates and pictures at ruthsfarmandfurniture.com
·         Saturday work days once a month offer opportunities to participate in the raising, feeding, and upkeep of the pigs for you and your children, as you desire. (April – July)
·         Transportation to the butcher
·         Butchering fees
·         Small, family-run, farm-raised pork
·         Professionally butchered and packaged in freezer paper and marked accordingly
·         Recipe cards and preparation ideas
Prices* and Estimates of Weight**
Whole Pig                          Half Pig                                Quarter Pig
$550.00                               $300.00                                 $200.00
Pork Chops                                               42lbs                                     21lbs                                      10lbs
Smoked Ham                                            27lbs                                      13lbs                                      6lbs
Smoked Bacon                                         14lbs                                      7lbs                                        3lbs
Seasoned Sausage                                  8lbs                                        4lbs                                        2lbs
Ribs                                                             2 rack                                    1 rack                                     1/2 rack
*Half of the fee is due at the time of order. Second half is due at the time of butchering.
**All weights are estimates only. Please use them to aid in selecting the right size co-op for your family. Actual weights cannot be known until after processing.
Orders must be placed by March 1, 2012. Estimated growing time from late-April to late-July.
Please contact Steve for more information at ruthsfarmandfurniture@gmail.com


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